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Scaling your tech with smart asset transformation

Our name, vrSAT, reflects our core mission: transforming your IT assets intelligently and strategically to maximize their value across their entire lifecycle. We deliver strategic solutions throughout the technology lifecycle, leveraging industry knowledge to ensure alignment with your specific business needs. Our expertise in asset management, leasing, and e-waste ensures you maximize returns, streamline operations, and achieve sustainable IT practices.


Founder/Managing Director, Ex IBM Global Financing, Esys Ltd, Iris Ltd, CMS Ltd, vrSAT Solutions Pvt. Ltd

vrSAT was founded by IT industry veteran Vakul Bhatnagar. He brings over 32+ years of experience in IT asset management and financial leasing, with a proven competency in IT distribution, product management, channel management, and infrastructure leasing. Vakul has held leadership positions at major companies, including IBM, where he oversaw business units across India, South Asia, and the Asia Pacific, and Esys Ltd., where he served as Chief Operating Officer.

His extensive background gives him a deep understanding of client needs and the entire IT asset lifecycle. Vakul excels at strategic asset optimization, establishing refurbishment centers, and forging partnerships that benefit businesses of all sizes. This expertise led him to found vrSAT, where he applies his knowledge to deliver sustainable, cost-effective IT solutions tailored to modern businesses’ evolving needs.



Driving circular IT for a sustainable future

We understand the dual challenges of modern IT: maximizing technology investments while minimizing environmental impact. Our comprehensive approach to IT asset management prioritizes refurbished assets, delivering cost savings and extending the lifespan of technology to reduce e-waste. This promotes a circular economy that benefits both your budget and the planet.

At vrSAT, we believe that financial flexibility shouldn’t sacrifice sustainability. Our leasing options support your evolving technology needs while prioritizing eco-conscious choices. By making refurbished equipment a smart, accessible option, we empower businesses to build a thriving digital landscape.


Strategic Asset Optimization

vrSAT aligns asset management with your business goals, ensuring optimal performance, returns, and sustainability.


Financial Leasing Expertise

vrSAT offers tailored leasing options for refurbished IT equipment, providing financial flexibility and promoting a sustainable IT ecosystem.


Sustainable IT Ecosystem

vrSAT champions a circular economy approach to IT, prioritizing refurbished assets to extend technology lifespans and minimize e-waste.

Why Choose vrSAT

My search for high configuration laptops at reasonable prices ended at VRSAT 5-6 years ago.I have found the service to be excellent,our orders are delivered on time,well packaged and as described.The equipments supplied has been refurbished to as good as new..always.I can honestly say that they are the only refurbished reseller me and now many of my friends and family are using and would highly recommend.

Akaash Bansal, CEO, Maruti Metal and Alloys

We are pleased to recommend VRSAT Solutions Pvt Limited for their outstanding service in providing us with refurbished IT assets.

Their commitment to sustainable IT solutions and budget-friendly technologies has been invaluable to our operations.

VRSAT Solutions’ meticulous refurbishment process, including comprehensive testing, cleaning, necessary repairs, and rigorous quality control, ensures that the products we receive meet the highest standards of quality and reliability while facilitating significant capex savings.

Their responsive and solution-oriented approach has consistently impressed us. They strive to understand our specific needs and deliver tailored solutions promptly.

They have become more than just a vendor; they are our trusted IT partner.

We confidently endorse VRSAT Solutions to any organization seeking cost-effective, sustainable IT solutions backed by exceptional service.

Neeraj Jain, Partner, Gaindamull Hemraj Capital

I wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for the exceptional service and support we have received from VRSAT in our recent IT procurement endeavors. Your professionalism, reliability, and commitment to quality have truly made a difference for our organization.

Working with VRSAT has been a pleasure from the start. Your team’s expertise in providing IT laptops and accessories has greatly contributed to the efficiency and productivity of our operations. The quality of the products you have supplied has consistently met, and often exceeded, our expectations.

We have been particularly impressed by your responsiveness and dedication to ensuring our needs are met promptly and effectively. Your proactive approach in addressing any issues or concerns has demonstrated your commitment to customer satisfaction.

As such, we would like to provide a testimonial to showcase our satisfaction with VRSAT’s services. Here is a draft of what we have in mind:

Mr. Vakul has been an exceptional partner in providing IT laptops and accessories to our organization. Their professionalism, reliability, and attention to detail have made our procurement process seamless and efficient. The quality of the products supplied by VRSAT has consistently met our expectations, if not exceeded them. Their team’s expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction have been evident throughout our partnership. We have found VRSAT to be responsive and proactive in addressing our needs, ensuring that we have the right equipment to support our operations. Their commitment to quality and customer service has made them a valuable asset to our organization. We highly recommend VRSAT to any business seeking reliable IT solutions and look forward to continuing our partnership with them in the future.”

Please let us know if this testimonial aligns with your expectations. If there are any changes you would like to make, or if you have any suggestions, we are more than happy to accommodate them.

Once again, thank you for your outstanding service. We look forward to continuing our partnership with VRSAT.

Pradeep Kumar, IT Head, Blue Kaktus

My last 8 purchases of Mac and windows laptops for friends, family & myself has been from VRSAT and without a doubt I will go back for the 9th one.

The product is cost effective, the quality is awesome, communication & service is also always spot on. Vakul is one of the best in the market.

Raksha Raghunath, IT Professional

The Core of vrSAT: Our Foundational Pillars

Our ethos is built on four key pillars that guide every service we offer and every partnership we forge.


Revolutionizing Asset Utilization


Commitment to Eco-friendly Practices


Democratizing Technology Access


Your Reliable Business Partner

Certified Excellence

vrSAT upholds the highest standards, as evidenced by our industry-recognized certifications, ensuring trusted and superior service delivery.

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